ICFO+ Beyond ICFO Careers Talk: Life at ZEISS
September 15th, 2017 MICHAEL TOTZECK Dr. Michael Kempe
Dr. Andreu Llobera Adan

Michael Totzeck will present a brief overview about Zeiss and the technology areas the company covers, followed by an open Q&A session with all four of our guests.
Topics that will be covered in the Q&A session include:
- Prof. Dr. Michael Totzeck: introduction, technical ladder, team
- Dr. Michael Kempe: medical/research, innovation management in/for our business areas
- Dr. Andreu Llobera Adan: on-boarding, being new at ZEISS, team leader, disruptive technologies for serial products
- Dr. Danny Krautz: being new at ZEISS, venturing, entrepreneur at ZEISS