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Quantum Optics with Emitters in Waveguides

July 6th, 2018 ALBERT POLMAN Center for Nanophotonics at AMOLF. Professor of Photonic materials for photovoltaics, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Albert Polman is Scientific Group Leader at AMOLF, where he heads the Program “Light management in new photovoltaic materials”. He is one of the pioneers of the research field of nanophotonics: the control, understanding, and application of light at the nanoscale. His research group specializes in fundamental studies at the interface between optical physics and materials science, and has regularly demonstrated transfer of knowledge to applied concepts. Polman’s group is the inventor of Angle-Resolved Cathodoluminescence Imaging Spectroscopy (ARCIS), a novel imaging technique with deep-subwavelength resolution. The ARCIS technique has been commercialized in the start-up Delmic BV, of which Polman is co-founder. In 2014 Polman was awarded the MRS Materials Innovation and Characteriation Award for the development of the ARCIS technique. Polman’s most recent research focuses on nanophotovoltaics, the study of light management at the nanoscale to realize solar cells with ultra-high efficiency that can be made at low costs. In 2012 he was awarded, together with Harry Atwater, the ENI Renewable Energy Award for his research on light management in photovoltaic materials. Abstract

Friday, July 6, 12:00, ICFO Auditorium