Young Photonics Congress (3rd edition)

Young Photonics Congress
April 13th, 2018 ICFO, Barcelona

Already in its 3rd edition, the Young Photonics Congress aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and technologists and show them the amazing things that can be accomplished with Photonics.

Are you a high school student, did you participate in any research project and you would like to share your work with other people having the same passion for science?

ICFO is giving you a great opportunity: come to the next Young Photonics Congress and live the experience of a scientific congress where the spotlight is on young people like you! You could explain your work to other students and also to ICFO researchers. It is a fantastic occasion to share knowledge and experiences with other people.

We are expecting projects related to light, photonics or some of the topics that we research at ICFO, like:

  • properties of lights and its applications;
  • quantum physics;
  • new materials;
  • renewable energy;
  • nanotechnology;
  • microscopy and applications of light for health.

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