April 6th, 2018 MIRIAM MARCHENA Optoelectronics

MIRIAM MARCHENA ’Scalable Techniques for Graphene on Glass’

The combination of unique properties - high electrical mobility, thermal conductivity, transparency and mechanical flexibility - make graphene promising for a wide variety of applications, including transparent electrodes, flexible displays, touch-screens and wearables. One of the main reasons that prevent its wide¬spread use is the difficulty to maintain all of the previously mentioned properties when grown using industrial grade techniques. Our work widen the range of graphene applications where large-scale growth, practical transfer and doping control are required.

CESAR CABRERA ’Quantum Liquid Droplets in a Mixture of Bose-Einstein Condensates’

In the presence of attractive interactions, a Bose-Bose mixture has been predicted to host a novel type of phase, a liquid quantum droplet. In my poster I will present the first experimental observation of such self-bound phase, which is remarkably stabilized by quantum fluctuations in a system with only contact interactions. We observe that they require a minimum atom number to be stable. Below, quantum pressure drives a liquid-to-gas transition that we map out as a function of interaction strength. Moreover, given the apriori resemblance of droplets with bright solitons, we demonstrate that in quasi-1D systems, depending on the atom number and interaction strength, both states are different solutions that can be smoothly connected or remain distinct coexisting only in a bi-stable region.

PhD Seminar, April 6, 2018, 17:30. Picnic Area