April 20th, 2018 NIELS HESP Quantum Nano-Optoelectronics

NIELS HESP: ’Fast FLowing heat in graphene heterostructures’

Two-dimensional layered materials have shown completely new physics and offer, for instance, new optoelectronic applications. The nanoscale heat flows are of crucial importance for their functionality, requiring full understanding of the heating and cooling dynamics of these materials. In this talk, I will show how we unraveled a surprisingly efficient cooling channel of graphene to its surrounding.

GERARD PLANES: ’Levitation of Nanoparticles Hosting Single Emitters in Vacuum’

Coupling the mechanical motion of an oscillator with its internal energy levels offers a promising path towards the observation of quantum behavior in macroscopic systems, such as cat states. One way to accomplish this is by levitating nanoparticles with optical defects in vacuum, since these systems are highly decoupled from the environment. In this talk I will present our recent results in the levitation and detection of nanodiamonds hosting single Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) centers in vacuum.

PhD Seminar, April 20, 2018, 17:30. Picnic Area