Semiconductor Second-Order Nonlinear Nanophotonics
December 19th, 2018 GIUSEPPE LEO Laboratoire MPQ
Université Paris Diderot & CNRS, Paris

The last two years have witnessed a huge progress in dielectric nanophotonics, with a transition from linear and (3) properties to intrinsically stronger (2) effects. In this seminar I will provide an overview of our contribution to this new research domain, from the demonstration of second harmonic generation in nanoantennas to the development of anapole-enhanced nonlinear emission, far-field engineering via grating-assisted or input beam tilt, and transition from single emitters to (2) metasurfaces. Finally I will show our most recent results on all-optical switching of second harmonic generation at the nanoscale, and the photon pair spontaneous parametric generation which now opens subwavelength nonlinear optics to the quantum world.

Seminar, December 19, 2018, 12:00. ICFO’s Seminar Room

Hosted by Prof. Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh