"Innovation is the only way to offer our customers the best from their instruments for their application. This is why we integrated it since the very beginning as a pillar of our company model"

— Rafaël Porcar Guezenec

COSINGO-Imagine Optic Spain S.L. set up house at ICFO's incubator in 2008, offering expertise in photonics for the implementation of innovative solutions. The tech SME provides optical and mechatronic engineering to develop custom prototypes, industrial partnership in the framework of collaborative R&D projects. COSINGO commercializes wavefront sensing and adaptive optics solutions to enhance optical systems quality in astronomy, bio-imaging, laser or visual sciences applications.

Rafaël Porcar Guezenec, founder and business manager of COSINGO, is engineer in optronic from the University of Paris XI (France). He worked during 7 years as project engineer and project manager at Imagine Optic, in the development of optical metrology solutions for science and industry customers such as ESA, Areva, Sagem, Essilor.

Based on his expertise, he gathered an experienced team and created COSINGO to provide Spain and Latin America with complete custom solutions based on photonics.

CASAO-adaptive optics command & control software
ILAO-Mechanical Deformable Mirror for Intense Laser Adaptive Optics
rtx1-Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera
Signature of the "National Instruments Incubator Program": from left to right, Rafael Porcar (Business manager at…
AOSOM-Adaptive Optics System for Sectionning Optical microscopy, awarded by NEXPRESSO initiative (by EPIC, FP7)
Optical Detection Platform for early cancer detection and treatment follow-up based on Localized Surface Plasmon…
HASO3-Shack Hartmann wavefront sensor