"We are thrilled to take DROPLITE’s technology out to the world, after years of novel and demanding research and business development at ICFO (KTT) and COSINGO. As a biotech company with its technology core in photonics, DROPLITE enters the challenging world of lab-on-a-chip devices and medical rapid diagnostics, with the goal to bring key health benefits and innovation to society."

— André Guedes

DROPLITE spun out of ICFO in December 2018 after developing for more than four years in ICFO’s KTT Launchpad in collaboration with COSINGO. Their biosensing device was fully developed in house and is a combination of advanced microfluidics, customized chemistry, a proprietary optical detection system, electronics and signal processing. The lab-on-a-chip technology allows a rapid and accurate way to test and monitor health conditions in both humans and animals mainly focused on blood samples.

Initial stages of technology development received funding from the European Union. Upon entry in ICFO’s Launch Pad, it received additional financial support from the CELLEX Foundation, the Barcelona City Council, the Castelldefels City Council.

DROPLITE emerged from an idea and collaboration between the Plasmon Nano-optics research group led by ICREA Prof. at ICFO Romain Quidant and SME COSINGO. COSINGO’s founder, Rafaël Porcar Guezenec, will stay on as DROPLITE’s CTO. André Guedes, DROPLITE’s CEO, holds a PhD degree in Physics Engineering from the University of Lisbon and joined ICFO’s KTT unit in 2017 as a business developer. DROPLITE is Dr. Guedes 3rd start-up.

DROPLITE´s prototype: This device allows the rapid testing and quantification of health conditions detected in a small volume of sample.
Detection takes approx 10 minutes and typically uses a couple of drops of blood ( saliva, mucus and urine samples also compatible).
DROPLITE targets several markets and applications, ex. veterinary medicine, allergies, food safety and infectious diseases.
Signature of the Tech Transfer agreement.