"ICFO has developed a unique expertise and a purpose built database to manage efficiently all safety related information including operators, laser systems, protection equipment, and documents (laser risk analysis, procedures, etc.). This can now be offered to our customers to optimize the management of their laser safety and quality procedures."

— Josep Maria Silvestre

ProCareLight was created in January 2013 by a team of scientists with large experience in safety and quality auditing as well as in depth knowledge of laser and light emitting systems, after two years of incubation in ICFO's KTT Launchpad. The business idea was put forward by Prof. Lluis Torner and Dr. Silvia Carrasco, and elaborated by the KTT Team, including Dr. Thierry Le Goff, an expert in accreditation, certification and quality.

PCL is a spin-off of ICFO's extensive expertise in safety issues using laser (class 3B and Class 4) and light emitting systems (IPLs, LEDs and optic fibres). Our mission is to support organizations such as laser clinics, hospitals, industry, research institutes and universities to develop and implement clear programs for the safe use of their light and laser emitting systems to guarantee:

  • Operator safety
  • Compliance with relevant standards and legislation (the Spanish Royal Decree RD 486/2010)
  • Customer trust

Josep Maria Silvestre, Telecommunication engineer, has over 20 years of experience in industrial and research sectors. He has led product development teams in several companies and has been involved in standardization committees. He has been responsible for the design and industrialization of products such as antennas, telecommunications equipment, laser marking devices and bathroom products and has developed technological businesses and worked on the financing of R&D activities. He joined the ProCareLight project in 2012.

Josep Maria with ICFO's director, Prof Lluís Torner, in the official signature of the tech transfer agreement
Laser risk analysis carried in a research lab
Laser Safety Course at ICFO for industrial lasers
Corrective laser eye surgery
Optic fibres in telecommunication
Laser beam in a research lab