"Understanding the quantum world and finding efficient ways to use these concepts to tackle industry problems was an exciting research and development program that combined fundamental physics and engineering. From here, hand in hand with the KTT unit at ICFO, we are now tremendously excited to be able to bring quantum technologies from the lab to people."

— Carlos Abellan

QuSide Technologies S.L. spun out of ICFO in September 2017. The new high-tech company set up house at ICFO’s LaunchPad to develop quantum technologies for the cyber-security and super-computation worlds. By exploiting photonics technologies and by leveraging the maturity of the semiconductor manufacturing industry, QuSide products bring unprecedented security and performance to the information era.

This Project has received support from the CELLEX Foundation, the Government of Catalonia, the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, the European Commission, the European Research Council, the Barcelona City Council and the Castelldefels City Council.

Valerio Pruneri (ICREA Professor and Corning Inc. Chair) and Morgan Mitchell (ICREA Professor and ERC Starting Grant) are co-founders of the new spin-off project, bringing in a large industrial experience the photonics industry and a solid research trajectory in quantum technologies. Jointly, they will support and advise the research and development efforts of the company. Carlos Abellan (CEO) and Waldimar Amaya (COO), also co-founders of the initiative, worked on the technology development over the last 6 years, and brought the project from table top experiments into a series of turnkey solutions, while at the same time working out the business plan for the constitution of the new spin-off.

Patented technology relies on the quantum mechanical principle of spontaneous emission to generate true random numbers.
Ultrafast chip integrated QRNG (A one cent euro coin is shown for reference)
Patented technology based on the phase-diffusion process occurring in semiconductor lasers widely used for optical communications.
September 2017: official constitution of QuSide.