Four semi-transparent OPV cells which are color tuned by modifying the layer structure in the photonic crystal. The ICFO logo was printed on a white paper placed beneath the samples

Transparent cells

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Semi-transparency is intrinsic to the active layer in many of the organic based photovoltaic technologies. The low charged carrier mobility in donor and acceptor organic materials prevents, in many such cases, the use of thick active layers that would otherwise lead to very efficient photon harvesting. Such low charge mobility and its associated transparency may turn out to be the OPVs strongest asset for competing in the market for photovoltaic production of electrical energy. Indeed, when compared to their inorganic counterparts, it is particularly interesting that OPV cells may be used in transparent building elements introducing a minimal change to the visual appearance of such elements. Our main goal, here, is to develop new architectures and materials to improve the efficiency-transparency ratio for OPV cells.

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