13 September 2017 Falling Walls Lab Barcelona

Emre Ozan Polat accepting the award. Photo Credit: UPF/FECYT

ICFO researcher Emre Ozan Polat wins the qualifying round of the Falling Walls Lab Barcelona On September 12th, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and FECYT hosted the qualifying round of the Falling Walls Lab satellite event in Barcelona. The Falling Walls Lab is a challenging, inspiring and interdisciplinary format for outstanding talented professionals. It offers the opportunity to excellent academics and professionals to present their innovative ideas, research projects and social initiatives.

The first Falling Walls Lab took place in 2011 in Berlin one day prior to the Falling Walls Conference. Thanks to the huge success of the Falling Walls Lab 2011, the Falling Walls Foundation extended the format to a global scale in 2012. Since then, international Labs take place in different vibrant cities around the world throughout the year. So far, Falling Walls Labs have taken place in almost 50 countries.

This year, the Barcelona event selected thirteen candidates to present their work, in under 3 minutes, to a prestigious science and business jury. Presentations included ideas from different fields such as energy production, health monitoring, dyslexia, lead based devices, accessibility in playing music, freedom of education, shareholder value maximization, among others.

Dr. Emre Ozan Polat, a postdoctoral researcher in the Quantum Nano-optoelectronics research group at ICFO, was proclaimed winner of the event with his presentation “Breaking the Wall of personal health monitoring. Wearable wellness patches showing health status” As winner of the Falling Walls Lab Competition in Barcelona, Emre will now continue on to the gran finale competition, held each year in Berlin on November 8th. Here winners of the international Labs from around the world, numbering over 100 participants, will compete for the final prize.

Congratulations and good luck Emre!!!