28 December 2018 Roy J. Glauber (1925-2018)

Roy Glauber during his 90th birthday symposium at ICFO (2015)

ICFO mourns the loss of a great scientist and friend On Wednesday, December 26th, Roy J. Glauber, Nobel Laureate and Distinguished Invited Professor at ICFO since 2009, passed away at the age of 93. Known for his prize winning work that advanced the understanding of light by describing the behavior of light particles, his advances have had a profound impact on the field of quantum optics and on the many activities carried out at our institute and by scientists around the world today.

Professor Glauber leaves behind a rich scientific legacy, for which he was awarded many prizes over his long and fruitful career. ICFO Prof Maciej Lewenstein was a research associate under Roy at Harvard University in the early 90s, a collaboration that lasted for many years afterwards. ICFO as a whole had the exceptional honor of benefitting from his advice, collaboration and friendship for many years.

Celebrating Roy’s “30x3” and Maciej’s “30x2” birthdays at ICFO in 2015 was a truly memorable moment for all of ICFOnians in that it allowed us to pay homage to a scientific leader and esteemed colleague who was generous with is knowledge, time and friendship.