09 November 2011 Nonlinear Optics in Spheres

Cover: Effect of geometry in nonlinear optical processes

Review on nonlinear optics in spherical geometry by the group led by Prof. Jordi Martorell on the cover of Laser&Photonics Reviews. Nonlinear optics in spheres: from second harmonic scattering to quasi-phase matched generation in whispering gallery modes has been published in the November issue of Laser and Photonic Reviews by Prof. Gregory Kozyreff, from Université Libre de Bruxelles; PhD student Jorge Luis Dominguez Juárez; and Prof. Jordi Martorell, leader at ICFO of the Organic structured photovoltaics group.

The authors review recent research on nonlinear optics in spherical geometry –from micrometer-size spheres to whispering gallery mode resonators. Applications range from sensing to fundamental aspects of physics, such as quantum state entanglement or cavity-enhanced nonlinear interactions.

The review has been highlighted by Materials Views.