07 February 2013 Organic Solar Cell

Multi-layered structure of the organic solar cell

ICFO researchers report in Advanced Optical Materials on a new and more efficient organic solar cell. ICFO researchers have developed a new type of organic photovoltaic cell with energy efficiency levels that very few laboratories in the world have achieved. The group led by Prof. Jordi Martorell has managed to optimize to 8.1% the percentage of energy harnessed. These results, published and featured by Advanced Optical Materials, represent an important step forward for the development and future commercialization of this technology.

The next challenge of this research team is to extend the use of this organic material into cells with architectures tailored to achieve semi-transparent devices. \"Our goal is to design solar cells that can be integrated into buildings, windows, cars or screens as a new source of clean energy with reduced contaminating emissions\" says Prof. Martorell.