19 July 2013 ACER Initiative for Top High School Students

Marta Delgado with researcher from ICFO’s organic nanostructured photovoltaics group

Students with PEB distinction exposed to top research centers in Catalunya. The Catalan Association of Research Centers (Associació Catalana d\'Entitats de Recerca - ACER) is an independent association made up of private research institutions located in Catalonia for whom research is the principal mission. In collaboration with the Department of Education, ACER reached out to the top High School graduates, those who were awarded the Premi Extraordinari de Batxillerat (PEB), to bring them into contact with leading scientific institutions.

In this framework, Marta Delgado, currently studying Architecture at the Universitat Politecnica de Cataluña (UPC), was a guest of the research group led by Prof. Jordi Martorell. In line with her current studies, she explored the use of Photovoltaics in architecture and interacted with researchers working with organic nanostructured photovoltaics.