30 March 2006 SERGIO DI FINIZIO, \'Two-dimensional KTP photonic crystals grown using a macroporous Silicon template\'
Seminar, 30th of March, 18:00h. Conference Room Photonic crystals (PC’s) are materials with a periodical modulation of the dielectric function. In recent years many interesting properties of such structures have been demonstrated. In particular, PC’s are an ideal framework to control the optical nonlinear interaction. In fact, it has been shown in many cases that the structuring of the material results in a clear enhancement of the nonlinear interaction. However, there are not too many structuring technologies that can be applied successfully to materials that exhibit very good physical properties for the nonlinear generation of visible light. One of these is KTiOPO4 (KTP), an inorganic material with high second order nonlinearity, large electrooptical coefficient, and very good transparency in the near infrared and visible range.

A novel technique for growing two-dimensional (2D) KTP PC’s has being developed. The procedure relies on the use of 2D macroporous Silicon PC’s as templates for the epitaxial growth of KTP. The morphology of the grown samples has been studied by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. The linear diffractive properties in the visible range and near infrared range have also been studied to test the optical quality of the sample. The photonic crystal features have also been demonstrated by measuring a photonic band. Preliminary studies of the capability of the 2D KTP PC’s to generate second harmonic have also been performed.

Seminar, 30th of March, 18:00h. Conference Room