23 November 2006 ICFO research highlighted by the MRS Bulletin

Energy- dispersive x-ray analysis of the KTP columns grown within the air holes of the silicon matrix

Research carried out at ICFO in nanophotonics and nonlinear optics highlighted in the last issue of the MRS Bulletin ICFO researcher Sergio DiFinizio from Jordi Martorell’s group, in collaboration with researchers from other institutions, demonstrated that high aspect ratio 2D photonic crystals can be fabricated from highly nonlinear materials such as KTP.

As reported in the September issue of Advanced Materials, the researchers have obtained 2D photonic crystals of KTP using a macroprous silicon membrane of ordered air holes as a template. They demonstrated the potential of the 2D array of KTP columns to host an efficient nonlinear interaction by measurements of the diffracted light at the second-harmonic frequency of the incident wave. With the fabricated structures it will be possible to use the most appropriate combination of nonlinear or electro-optic coefficients of the material, something that, given the limited material birefringence, is not so in bulk KTP. Such newly developed nonlinear photonic crystals, which should be easily integrated in silicon based devices, may find applications in generating light more efficiently at higher frequencies, in the electro-optic modulation of light, and in obtaining backward parametric amplification and oscillation.

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