21 February 2008 PhD Thesis Defense
\'Second harmonic generation in disordered structures and molecular design for quadratic nonlinear optics\'

Xavier Vidal Asensio

PhD Thesis Defense, February 21st, 11:30. ETSEB Campus Nord. Building B3 1st Floor. \'Aula de Teleensenyament\' Nonlinear processes appear with high intensities of light and their behaviour depends on both the structure and the molecular configuration of the media where the light is generated and propagated. Second harmonic generation depends critically on the matching of phases among the waves that interact, which usually is resolved by the use of birefringent crystals or applying the well known quasi phase matching technique. Quadratic processes such as second harmonic generation require materials with high nonlinearities, low absorption, and high degree of order which led to an important development of material processing. With the goal to give a satisfying answer to those requirements in the present thesis we set the following double objective: a) To study the relaxation of the stringent conditions that appears in the generation of light in samples without order. b) To study the effect on the generation of second harmonic of light produced by the modification of the elemental unit of the nonlinear material.

Thursday, 21st of February, 11:30h. ETSEB Campus Nord. Building B3 1st Floor. \'Aula de Teleensenyament\'

Thesis Advisor: Prof. Jordi Martorell