22 July 2008 Green Brains and Ultracomputers

Dr. Roberto Marcovez

Giovanni and Giorgio Volpe

A story on sustainable information technology and another on human brain-like computational power win
ICFO Visionary Thinkers Awards 2008.
Roberto Marcovez, from Jordi Martorell’s group, and Giovanni and Giorgio Volpe, from Dmitri Petrov and Romain Quidant’s group, respectively, were the awardees of the prize that ICFO confers to the most audacious visions of the future by its young researchers, an initiative promoted by the KTT unit.

“How do you imagine the world in 2025?”, “What will your research area look like in 2025?”, “How what you are doing may change the world?”: questions like these are the basis of the ICFO Visionary Thinkers award, asking for innovative, revolutionary, far reaching futuristic ideas. Roberto Marcovez’ reply was the story “Green brain technology”, a reflection on the potential developments of sustainable data manipulation with organic molecules and light. Giovanni and Giorgio Volpe, for their part, wrote “ICFOing”, an exploration of the possibility of building a machine with the same computational power of the human brain by placing its technology on the border between classical and quantum physics.

The “visionaries” received the diploma and the check that go with the prize during ICFO’s general meeting, where they presented their stories.