Single Molecule Biophotonics

Prof. Dr. María García-Parajo

University Degree: PhD in Physical Electronics, Imperial College (UK)

Position at ICFO: Group Leader
ICREA Professor

Research Areas: Biophotonics

Research Group:Single Molecule Biophotonics




Office Telephone:+34 935534158

Laboratory Telephone:+34 935542235
+34 935534109

Fax:+34 935534000



Permanent Address:

    Research Topics:
  • Development of nanomedicines for enzymatic replacement therapy in Fabry disease
  • Nano-Mechano-Biology: spatiotemporal remodeling of membrane nanoplatforms under mechanical forces
  • Micropatterned biomaterials for nanoscale force-induced activation of adhesion receptors in the immune system: IMMU-NANO-FORCE
  • Unraveling the nanolandscape of receptors controlling molecular processes of the immune system
  • Advanced photonic antenna tools for biosensing and cellular nanoimaging